Vinegar vs Real Medicine

Rich Maloof writing for MSN Health and Fitness made this observation which is very typical of most people's lemming attitude toward the healthcare profession.

He writes:

If apple cider vinegar were the wonder drug some people claim, it would be made by Pfizer instead of Red Cheek.

Some far-reaching claims have been made about apple cider vinegar, which is available in liquid form and as a pill supplement. The catalog of conditions it may help cure—heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity—reads like the Centers for Disease Control’s Most Wanted list. The claims are largely based on nutrients in the vinegar which are understood to help fight these diseases, such as potassium for heart disease, beta-carotene for cancer, and fiber for weight loss.

Apple vinegar does contain beneficial vitamins and minerals, and may help with the absorption of minerals such as calcium. Of course, these nutrients can also be found in other healthy foods, and often in greater quantity. Consider eating more leafy green vegetables (for potassium), spinach (beta-carotene), or even a nice bran muffin (fiber).

Rich Maloof has fallen prey to the prevalent notion in our modern culture that the health care industry does exactly that -- care for out health.  While they do engage in those activities they could be more accurately labeled the symptom relieving industry.

Modern health care revolves around relieving symptoms instead of ridding it's customers of the ill health problems that cause those symptoms.  If they did, in fact, make us healthy, would they not put themselves out of business?  Instead do we find ourselves with a trillion dollar industry designed to keep us eating pills and undergoing surgeries to bypass various ailing body parts?

DMSO in the early eighties ran into the same criticisms by the pharmaceutical industry.  DMSO, like apple cider vinegar, has amazing health benefits but it also has a very disturbing quality that makes it unfit for use in our health care industry -- it is way too cheap to manufacture and sell.  The profit margins are not nearly high enough, so the best avenue is to discredit the benefits enjoyed by thousands of people and keep touting the pills.

Mr Maloof, possibly did not give his statement much thought.  But then maybe he did.  Perhaps he, like other sheep, just takes everything the wolf says as fact.  It is, after all, a lot easier that way.

Good Health To You.

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  1. by Harold Richards, on 03.13.09 @ 9:23 am


    I am a doctor, however I am concerned when I see the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry courting each other in unseemly ways.

    The food industry pumps fats, trans-fats, and all manner of unhealthy ingredients into our diets and then the health care industry seems only concerned with addressing symptoms of problems and not the underlying health issues they represent.

    I don’t where the solution to it all lies.

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