Vinegar and Late Night Heartburn

Have you ever gone to bed and been sleeping really well only to be jolted awake with this, stabbing burning-sensation-from-hell in your abdomen?

Occasionally, really only about maybe 10 times a year, this happens to me.  I would suspect I was having a heart attack except for the little fact that a glass of water made even the most ardent pain simply go away.  I have never heard of a glass of water killing a heart attack, so I have to conclude that it was just a bit of heartburn.


Keeps The Heartburn Away

When I first heard someone mention that apple cider vinegar could relieve and prevent heartburn, I was as skeptical as anyone could possibly be.  A nasty, strong tasting acid is going to help with a stomach acid problem?  Right.  Another Morther-In-Law scam in the making.

Well, this one little surprise is what got me to rethinking all my earlier prejudice about home remedies.  I did down a shot of vinegar before bed, and to my surprise I haven't had any more of the later night frights with heartburn.

I have to admit, though, that I still can't do the hard core, straight from the bottle swig, yet and probably never want to.  I just mix about half and half natural apple cider vinegar and water.  I then add a bit of honey or other sweetener and I have a really enjoyable drink.  Not too bad.

Best of all, I get to sleep all night.  Your mileage may vary.

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    […] have used apple cider vinegar for years to control late night heartburn I would sometimes get after a spicy evening […]

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