Vinegar and Diabetes

Dr.Carol Johnston

Dr.Carol Johnston

Way back in 2004 Dr. Carol Johnston of the Department of Nutrition at Arizona State University, did a study that measured the effects of vinegar on 'postprandial' blood sugar levels.  Postprandial is a very technical term meaning 'after a meal'.  People monitoring blood sugar levels would do so 1-2 hours after eating a meal.

The test subjects were all people who were not taking diabetes medication, but who were either:

  • Insulin sensitive (considered normal)
  • Insulin Resistant (considered prediabetic)
  • Type 2 Diabetics

The test subjects were required to drink a vinegar 'drink' consisting of vinegar, water, and saccharine, 2 minutes before a test meal.  The test consisted of a bagel, butter, and orange juice which was a total of about 87 g of carbohydrates.

Those with some insulin resistance had an increase in insulin sensitivity after drinking the vinegar before the meal.  People with type 2 diabetes saw slight improvement. The greatest effect of the vinegar was on those test persons who were either considered normal or insulin resistant.

To quote Dr. Johnston's report:

Compared with placebo, vinegar ingestion raised whole-body insulin sensitivity during the 60-min postmeal interval in insulin-resistant subjects (34%, P = 0.01, paired t test) and slightly improved this parameter in subjects with type 2 diabetes (19%, P = 0.07). Postprandial fluxes in insulin were significantly reduced by vinegar in control subjects, and postprandial fluxes in both glucose and insulin were significantly reduced in insulin-resistant subjects.

Further tests are being done to find the direct link.

Does this mean that vinegar is the new miracle weightloss diet aid?  I doubt it.  No single element in any weightloss regime is going to be the secret ingredient.  Good weight loss strategy is a combination of elements all approached with common sense.  However, good, natural, apple cider vinegar, can be a part of it all.

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