Mother In Laws

This story begins, as many other classics, by eating crow.  For years every time any ailment, malady, affliction, rot, discomfort, discontent was brought up to my mother-in-law, Nancy, the every eternal remedy was either, "maybe you could put some vinegar on it" or "did you soak it in Epsom salt?".  Vinegar, at least was always amongst the top cures for 'what ails you'.

Now after dealing myself with many of life's aging maladies like foot fungus, acid reflux, and such, I myself, have seen the wisdom in 'maybe we should put some vinegar on it'.

We have, now, truly come to see this ancient wonder, especially the apple cider kind, as a almost a superfood.  Something magical happens as the apple passes from wine to vinegar and becomes so much more than apples alone could ever be.

Hopefully, we can assist you in discovering the healthy benefits of apple cider and other vinegars in your own life and home.

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  1. by Vinegar and Late Night Heartburn | Vinegar For Better Health, on 03.14.09 @ 11:33 pm


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