Vinegar and Late Night Heartburn

Have you ever gone to bed and been sleeping really well only to be jolted awake with this, stabbing burning-sensation-from-hell in your abdomen? Occasionally, really only about maybe 10 times a year, this happens to me.  I would suspect I was having a heart attack except for the little fact that a glass of water […]

Mother In Laws

This story begins, as many other classics, by eating crow.  For years every time any ailment, malady, affliction, rot, discomfort, discontent was brought up to my mother-in-law, Nancy, the every eternal remedy was either, “maybe you could put some vinegar on it” or “did you soak it in Epsom salt?”.  Vinegar, at least was always […]

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has been around for many years. Egyptians used it in 3000 BCE… Julius Caeser’s army used an apple cider vinegar tonic to keep healthy and to fight off disease… Hippocrates used apple cider vinegar to treat many conditions… and Christopher Columbus used apple cider vinegar on his boat to prevent scurvy and […]