Home remedies are amazing. If nothing else they provide entertainment watching the various thought-camps hashing it out over whether they will work or whether they may kill you.

Seriously, we believe that our very artificial world around us needs balance by getting a bit further back to the basics.  Basic foods are what our bodies need as well as attention paid to how our bodies try to communicate its needs to us.

There are times for radical intervention by the healthcare industry, that is sure.  But does that same industry have our basic well being in mind?  Can an industry be fully trusted whose billions are made in a lifetime of treating our symptoms.

That is something you will have to decide.

In the mean time, use good sense.  See your doctor when you need to, but at the same time do your research into the treatments that are prescribed. Are the medication's possible side effects acceptable to me?  What are my options?

This site is meant for informational purposes only and not to help diagnose or to treat any illness you may have or think you have.  If you have doubts, always see your doctor.

As always,

Good Health To You

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