Make Your Own Vinegar

Wine makers go to great lengths to prevent their precious liquid from turning to vinegar.  That would tell you that it isn’t all that hard to make vinegar at home from scratch.  Being easy as it is, making good vinegar is what separates the men and the boys. One word of warning here, though.  If […]

Vinegar and Diabetes

Way back in 2004 Dr. Carol Johnston of the Department of Nutrition at Arizona State University, did a study that measured the effects of vinegar on ‘postprandial’ blood sugar levels.  Postprandial is a very technical term meaning ‘after a meal’.  People monitoring blood sugar levels would do so 1-2 hours after eating a meal. The […]

Vinegar and Late Night Heartburn

Have you ever gone to bed and been sleeping really well only to be jolted awake with this, stabbing burning-sensation-from-hell in your abdomen? Occasionally, really only about maybe 10 times a year, this happens to me.  I would suspect I was having a heart attack except for the little fact that a glass of water […]

Vinegar vs Real Medicine

Rich Maloof writing for MSN Health and Fitness made this observation which is very typical of most people’s lemming attitude toward the healthcare profession. He writes: If apple cider vinegar were the wonder drug some people claim, it would be made by Pfizer instead of Red Cheek. Some far-reaching claims have been made about apple […]